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I've always been of the opinion that musicians (or other legit artistes) don't owe their public anything but their art.

Which is why I despise the word "fan" ~ which connotes that the public deserves more than that.

Fans MADE the artist who he is? Excuse me, but the artist's WORK made him who he is. If the work sucks, then the artist would ~ should ~ not have admirers.

There are celebrities out there who are disdainful of their public, their "fans"... and you know what? I don't give a crap about that if I enjoy their work and I admire the person for their work/art only, because I'm not out to get a "piece" of that person... as for their "fans" ~ well, it's fine if the "pieces" are what the celeb wishes to freely give, when and if they feel like it... or anything that won't bother the celeb personally.

Their ART should stand on its own.

But people who wish to call themselves "fans" and behave like fans, that's up to them and I don't diss them for it.
It's just not my thang. I don't pretend to understand the fan mindset.

Actually, if one of my favorites, say my beloved Tom Lehrer for example, told me to PISS OFF when I expressed my undying admiration for his work, it wouldn't bother me ~ in fact, I would go away highly amused at his curmudgeonry. He owes me nothing, and I don't see celebs as puppy dogs who wag their celebrated tails and go, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou when flattered. I just don't give a ding-dong if they appreciate my appreciation.

If their work is good enough to create admiration from the masses, then they have worked hard enough, thank you, and can leave it at that without having to lick our bums too.

As for the one fella I DO seem to get fangirly over?
Sometimes I have a lot of fun goofing around with his image, don't I?
And, from what I am able to see and hear and know of him ~ which is only his image actually, since I've never personally known him ~ well, he does make my heart stop and I just cannot help that. I've tried all my life to push him out, to no avail. At this late time in my life, I've given up that fight and am going with the flow. It has brought new things into my life: most importantly, my fantastic new online friends and *gasp* the request from on-high to run the forum. The official Brian movie forum. I still shake my head in disbelief at that one.

But a fan of Brian? I don't think so... because if I ever caught myself fawning over him or asking for an autograph (before he died, or if he were still alive now) I would be mortified as hell with myself. I'd want to crawl in a hole and die.

If Brian were still alive, of course I would want to make an impression on him so I would NOT come across as just another "fan" ~ which is why, before he died and ruined all my adolescent plans, ani rolleyes smiley I had been frantically learning to play instruments, honing my writing skills (fan mags? PR? eventually helping with his 2nd bio that he was considering?), learning photography (having no idea at that time that Linda Eastman was taking that same route, hahaa), drawing caricatures and comics of him and the Boys, etc. etc. and brainstorming other possibilities...

...I wanted to get to know him, yes ~ not so I could fawn over him ~ and heavens, NOT to ask for a damned autograph or have a picture taken with him, augghhh ~ but for this reason:
Strangely enough, I was determined to be DISAPPOINTED with him in real life not matching my intuitive feelings, and be rid of this awful "spell" he had over me. I wanted to go home and be able to live the rest of my life free of him.

Since he rudely kakked out on us at the worst possible time for me and everybody including himself, I suppose I'll remain in this damned limbo about him forever. This is basically why I was so immensely, overwhelmingly emotional over the little pieces of schtuffs you sent me from Brian's grave, Allison, and all the info and pics, etc. from you and other sweet people out there ~~ and I am NOT an emotional person!

Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to explain why I don't understand this brou-ha-ha about the Ringo signings and the lust for personal pieces of celebs other than their normal output. Since I was never into rock stars, I guess I just cannot understand the "fan" thing, the dubious value of autographs and other celebrity scrapings and effluvia.

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