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animated old crabby man
Ringo has become an old curmudgeon! I LOVE IT!

I am amazed he took this long to get the courage to come right out and say it.

I'm sure he knows people are gonna diss him for it ~ but good lord, enough already.
He has done his job in life, and he has done it more than well enough.
However, "fans" want the last drop of his blood.


Our little old Starkey-man tours and does concerts because he likes performing music for people who enjoy listening to music. If you like him because he used to be a Beatle ~ well, he'd rather you NOT. He wants to be loved for being himself. Is that so hard?

Now he is doing exactly what makes him feel at peace with himself!
He is doing and saying exactly what I would if I were he.

Here's the message that got everybody so up in arms:

My only concern is... I hope nothing bad has set this off.

And ~~ I wish "fans" ~ how HATE the word "fan" *spits on ground* ~ stop putting him down for this.
Dave, sometimes a person HAS to be a bit crude or rude to get through some thick skulls.
Otherwise, too many people would think they have some room to convince him otherwise, and that would be a pain in the arse, y'know? And... I really don't think he gives a hoot, and I really don't think he should give a hoot.

HE HAS PAID HIS DUES. He's got enough money to live on, thank you.
Go see his concerts and listen to his songs if you like his music.
If you LooOOOoooOOOooove him because he was a Beatle, or because you fangirl him, he has gotten sick and tired of that shit a LONG time ago, thank you, and he wants you to move on and have a good life, but leave him alone.

He is generous in person with his hugs for people who love him for himself.

He does NOT need to kiss the feet of "fans" anymore.
I do love this man!

Despite what some asshat YouTubers have commented, I, personally, would be much more likely to want to go to a Ringo concert now than before. :D

p.s. ~ Please, everybody, go to this YouTube comments page (the video doesn't load on this one) and do the "thumbs-down"/bad comment click on all the ones disrespecting our Starkeyman!

I would NOT reply to any of them, though, even if they reply to a comment you might make ~~ because that only succeeds in encouraging more badmouthing on Ringo.
Thanks! :D

Tags: rants, ringo starr, videos

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