christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Last night: Betty, Seth, and the Smothers Brothers all on one CRAIG show

My Stephy sat with me on my bed watching for Seth Green (she's a Robot Chicken maniac) ~ what a surprise it was to enjoy another walk-on from Betty White, who is sooo hilarious paired with Craig ~ but the biggest surprise was when Stephy ended up LOL-ing to tears at the Smotherses!

Hey! Those are MY GUYS, kid ~ my heroes ~ the fellas that cracked ME up when I was HER age in the 60s!

That was a strange feeling.

Guess I'm gonna have to drag out my Smothers Bros LP's and slap 'em on my old turntable for her now. Yeah. I've got every one they ever made. Must be at least a dozen of 'em (I think I've got a couple that weren't generally available in retail, so not on the linked list).

Oh, the last one on the linked page, Sibling Revelry is missing, though ~ because it's on CD only (1988). All I've got are the vinyls. Good enough for me.

Saw 'em perform in a Vegas casino, too, in the 80s.
and a p.s. ~ All of the Craig Ferguson Late Late Show episodes are on YouTube, with Craig's personal blessing (that is, until CBS takes it in their minds to get anal about it, which Craig has no control over)....
Take a look at YouTube channel
I look forward to seeing last night's show uploaded ~ so I can put it in my favorites! :D

Tags: humor, smothers brothers, tv

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