christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

A lot of hidden (?) sarcasm in this post.

I'm sorry I didn't clarify this yesterday, for those who don't normally peek in on the mrbrianepstein Community ... the previous Peter Brown post (under this one) was referring to this one.

And while I'm here, perhaps I should be a little more sensitive to Mr Brown ... it almost looks as if what he caused to go around (by publishing The Love You Make) had come back around to him later:

Re-reading that article, it seems that there was a big love in his life, supposedly a comic genius/DJ named Kenny Everett, who ended up dying of AIDS. It doesn't specify when this love occurred. I'm not sure what to think of his claim, since the article also states Brown calls himself "a public relations consultant who 'prides himself on his discretion and loyalty' — like, huh? Yeah, his Beatles/Brian book was reeaall discreet and loyal.

However, the name Kenny Everett sounded vaguely familiar, so I googled it ... one of the sites I got was everettweb -- well! seems the little bugger joined The Beatles on their 1966 American tour. Perhaps that is when the mad Peter love happened? Or was it (as inferred by the Advocate article) after Brian's death? Who knows.


Oh surprise. Mr Everett got married to a Lee Middleton in 1969.

I would provide a shortcut here to the various thingies, but they've got sufficient protection (I don't know how to get around macromedia flash) on their site. So I must provide these lame directions:

Click the Go there link on the front page, and you'll get a popup. Click the radio mike (first) icon at the bottom, and then click "on tour with the Beatles," for a mini-interview with John Lennon. There are a lot of little sound bites to hear, just to get a taste of his humour. I'm particularly fond of his "Never Been Naughty" song, in the Audio Archive ... click icon to the right of the bowler hat man, then hit the > button to see the 2nd set of sound bites.

Anyroad, I suppose I feel a certain amount of sympathy for Mr Brown due to the fact his heart was broken by Mr Everett's sad demise 10 years ago. Hmmm ... I still wonder how much Brown cardiac breakage was incurred by Brian's misadventure.

The manner in which he "outed" Brian Epstein to the world still pisses me off, though. If he had to be that nasty to his good buddy, at least he could have come out himself ... although 30 years or so later it looks like he did indeed out himself to "a biographer." (So there's a Peter Brown biography? Oy, another mystery to dig into ... or not.)

Good lord, what a bunch of crap I've written this morning. Well, enjoy the Kenny Everett nonsense if you want. He's fairly amusing, he is.

Be back later for the transcript work on this journal, and Brian in History for the mrbrianepstein Community.


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