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For serious Brian scholars -- long commentary on Jude Law's Epstein project, etc.

Originally Posted Sept 25, 2004
on mrbrianepstein

~Please correct me if you feel I'm off the mark on any of the following points or observations~

If you're a Brian Epstein devotee, I'm sure you know all the stuff about Jude Law buying the BE diaries, and researching his life for more than 7 years so far ... and having many deep intimate conversations with Cilla (he's even the announcer on her home answering machine!), etc. From all I've surmised lately, he's still got Epstein (the biopic) on the back burners. He says it's because he's waiting to look old (mature) enough for the challenge ... but I think that excuse is just for public consumption, and he's just not feeling ready to do Brian justice. To me, at times, he sounds like it's the most important project of his life. I sure hope that's the case.

As much as I love The Beatles, I feel they've unintentionally dissed him in history, big time. I'm not blaming them; it's just the way they are, and if you know their story well enough you'll know exactly what I mean. They've given each other insults as often as praise, so it's not contrary to their natures. But considering how ignored Brian has been since his death, I kind of thought that ... maybe ... they'd say a little more, do a little more, for Brian. BTW, you'll notice I don't speak of the boys much. They were Brian's heart and soul, but darn it, they get all the love and exposure they'll ever need everywhere else. Bless their hearts. But, Brian gave his life for them, and when it came time for a payback ... ah well.

So, to get back to Jude Law: it's way overdue that somebody of great substance in the public eye did the right thing for our Prince Charming. (My attempt at a little play on words: I like to call him that because 1. his mother was "Queenie" and 2. "charming" is a word that's often used to describe him. hee hee.)(uh, 3. I call myself a "toad" sometimes, and you know what happens when a prince kisses a toad ... That's a princess kissing a frog, you dolt! ... oh, forget I even said that!!!) XD

Moving right along ... I think the timing to "out" Brian as the miracle that he was, is just about right -- not quite there, but almost -- because Jude is presently starring in a movie (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) that hopefully will get Jude on the road to becoming a household name. Whether or not he's exactly the right person for the role of Eppy -- which is an impossible task anyway -- the public will have to start paying attention to Brian Epstein! I'm holding my breath that Jude's heart and brain are in the right place with this project. I want to trust him, and I want him to take as much time as he feels that he needs to do the job right. I want him to persuade everybody to love Brian as he should have been loved all these years! Too much couldn't be enough at this late date.

I'm not as familiar as some of you with Mr. Law (I'm still living in the mid-60's). But if these words can ever reach him somehow, my main drive is that I plead, I beg, that he tries to show the funny, witty side of Brian better than all the other movies and documentaries have done! Too bad Derek Taylor and Alistair Taylor are dead; I know they'd have a lot of anecdotes they never told before. I'm tired, tired, tired of everybody believing he was some pitiful perverted sicko. If it were me, I'd set the film up with Brian being the character everyone could relate to (which he actually was) with his humor, dedication to family, and love for humanity -- emphasizing the silly pranks he pulled on people -- the stories he'd tell on himself -- charm, wit, personality -- and THEN pursue the awful sad stuff, so the audience would have a reason to CARE about what should not have happened to him!

Jude Law would be my #2 hero if he did that. (#1 will always be Eppy, of course.)

Curiously, according to the Epstein family's attorney and next-door neighbor, Rex Makin, NOBODY should attempt to play Brian. He said it was ridiculous. Impossible to characterize even his equivalent in complexity, nature, temperament, traits, psyche. Nobody could begin to personify him. He was a one-of-a-kind, unique entity all his own. (How wonderfully redundant that sentence was!) Nobody has ever resembled him in nature, nor ever will. (You could say the same of the mythic Jesus ... but well, hey, he was a distant cousin, right? :) Another of my weak attempts at humor.)

The most tragic thing was that he desired with all his heart to fit in, to be like everybody else, and it was impossible ... this caused him to fluctuate between the two poles: of knowing he was far above the rest and ahead of his time -- to feeling he was far below the rest and scum of the earth. Nobody could accept him for what he was. He couldn't even accept himself for what he was. Being afflicted with what we now know is bipolar disorder caused a magnification of these mixed emotions to the point that he often felt driven beyond the edge of sanity. And yet, look what he accomplished. It's astounding. No other so-called "fifth Beatle" would have been able to push the boys so far ... well, "bigger than Jesus!" ...all the while suffering from manic-depression, drug addiction, chronic mononucleosis, and his society's rampant anti-Semitism and homophobia! Unbelievable.

(((Let's all give him a Group Hug)))

He was born to be a 21st-century man ... hell, even beyond that ... yet was trapped and subconsciously struggling out of an early 20th-century family mindset that ironically felt secure and close to his heart. This must have been guilt-wrenching. Undoubtedly, he'd be far happier living in today's world ... as imperfect as it is, it's better now than it was then. (Hellooo, Betty Ford Clinic! XD ) And I think he'd have become a driving force in ... something ... today, even at age 70, if he'd only been able to survive the world's tortures in those dim yet explosive sixties.

I want justice for Brian Epstein.

You go for it, Mr. Law! The ball is in your court now.


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