christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Brian Epstein T-Shirt

Brian Epstein t-shirt on eBay in Sept 2008

From time to time there will be a Brian Epstein t-shirt up on eBay. Unfortunately, most of them feature a picture that I don't find the most attractive, and the most recent eBay offering is a good example of that.
Item number: 270277091885
Seller: eroguetti
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Click for large 701x1024px image

is the un-watermarked example of the original image on this shirt.

For some reason, most Brian tees on eBay seem to emerge from Buenos Aires
(unknown whether it's the same seller changing his user name).

I can appreciate how happy Brian looks in this shot ~~ however, due to the lighting and the type of lens ~ a bit too wide-angle, perhaps? ~ the face itself appears "uneven" or something (all a matter of individual perception; i.e., your mileage may vary).

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Tags: brian epstein, ebay-craigslist-et al, t-shirts

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