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Well, he's there... with Nancy Shevell...

To me, the best part of Paul's Middle East visit is that
our Brian seems to be mentioned in almost every article!
yesss ani smiley

Sir Paul McCartney visits Palestinian site during Israel visit

Sir Paul McCartney said he was carrying a message of peace for Israel and Palestine as he toured the West Bank town of Bethlehem ahead of his planned concert in Tel Aviv.

Sir Paul McCartney has landed in Israel ahead of his first concert in the country on Thursday.

The Fab Four had been due to play in Israel at the height of their fame in 1965, but the country's government pulled the show over fears it could corrupt the nation's youth.

Speaking before his arrival in Tel Aviv, Sir Paul said the band were "very amused" by the incident - but had felt sorry on behalf of their Jewish manager, Brian Epstein.

"His family in Liverpool, I'm sure they were mortified, but we didn't really mind," he said.

In January, Israel apologised for the cancellation of the 1965 concert in letters to the two surviving members of the Beatles - Sir Paul and Ringo Starr - and the families of deceased members John Lennon and George Harrison.

Thursday's show is expected to draw up to 50,000 fans, even though the most expensive tickets cost almost £800*.

*approx. $1,477.30 in U.S. dollars


Read the entire article and see the video of Paul clowning around in Israel:

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