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This year the Emmy Awards show catered to the christine!

When taken as a whole, the 2008 Emmy Awards Show actually stunk in some ways ~ especially during the opening, when the reality show hosts were cluelessly hemming and hawing, that certainly sucked ~ but for me, the show became lovely and priceless beyond words because of the treasures I describe below:

I don't watch awards shows, so I was glad that an earlier post on the craig_ferguson community discussed whether he was still on the list of presenters ~ because as it turns out, this year the Emmys became the most eppylover-centric EVAR!

I admit that I was also watching for Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Stephen was right! He DID lose his Emmy to Don Rickles, as he had predicted on his last Report ~ but he didn't look the least bit upset about it. Just wait for the fur to fly, though, when he brings it up on his show (tonight?)! ~ and wasn't Rickles great, considering the material he had to work with?!

I do believe Ricky Gervais is shaping up to be a new love of mine ~ what a quick-witted cutie of a Brit he is! The banter between Ricky and Steve Carell was not to be missed.

Other reasons I am very thankful to the craig_ferguson community for compelling me to have the TV on during the Emmys ~ because they also did tributes to a show I was obsessed with in the post-Eppy years ~ Laugh-In (OMG how everyone except Lily Tomlin has aged changed!) ~ and I was so verklempt when Steve Martin! gave my sweet old love Tommy Smothers! a special commemorative writing achievement Emmy for his uncredited work on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour ~ according to Steve, Tommy actually wrote MOST of the show's material, but insisted on being omitted from the list of writers when they were nominated for the Emmys in the late 60's I never missed a show back then ~ well, the only one I did miss was by default ~ that was when President Lyndon Johnson PRE-EMPTED the entire Smothers hour to announce he wouldn't be running for another term. For those who are familiar with the Smothers/Johnson wars, you KNOW he did that on purpose. I was as pissed as a 17-year-old can get! I was so happy when Tommy started "mouthing off" as some people would think ~ it was almost like the good old days. Good for you, brother Tommy!
Martin pointed out that in 1968, when the rest of the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" writing staff won Emmys, Smothers didn't get a statue. He had taken his name off the list, thinking that it was too controversial and would ruin the show's chances of winning. The television academy, "in an effort to fill time," Martin joked, had decided to right that wrong and give Smothers his statue 40 years later.

"It's hard for me to stay silent when I keep hearing that peace is only attainable through war. There's nothing more scary than watching ignorance in action," Smothers said in his acceptance speech. The crowd roared out applause. "I dedicate this Emmy to all people who feel compelled to speak out and not afraid to speak to power and won't shut up and refuse to be silenced."
I felt transported back to 1968!

The feature that was the very MOST gratifying to me personally was their "In Memoriam" film tribute. They began with one of the earliest kinescopes of my dear philosophical mentor George Carlin doing his wacky "newscast" ~ I actually jumped up and down when I saw that being shown ~ and then, the very last clip from that tribute was from Carlin's last-ever special, "It's Bad For Ya" ~ the part they showed was so appropriate ~ his mockery of those poor deluded nincompoops who believe our dead loved ones watch over us. Go Carlin! .....Oh. That's right. He did. :(

It would have been a perfect night, except that in the middle of the show Og returned home and abruptly turned the channel ~ so I had to cook dinner while running back and forth between my bedroom and the kitchen. Thankfully I don't think I missed anything, because I was able to do that during commercials and during award presentations that didn't interest me.

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