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"The Guys" ~ or, Stephy brings back memories of Karin, Lezlie and Teenchristine

Hebrew characters meaning 'Love'

This made me giggle a little...
"I’ve got thin black barmitzvah ties, which Brian
Epstein had the Beatles wear in the early Sixties..."

    Source ~ The Sunday Times September 7, 2008
    Restaurant review:
Michael Winner at The Ritz
So nu? No yarmulkes, then?


Which brings to mind something even sillier ~ a couple of years ago we bought ourselves a bunch of tiny pecan pies. They came in tiny pie tins.

After we ate some of them, Stephy must have noticed they were the same size as the heads of my little "guys" ~ which is what I call my NEMS/Remco Beatle figures that I carried (forward in time) with me since the 60's.

Well, the next day she pointed up at the glassed-in shelf above the TV, where I keep a few thingies on display, including my "guys."

My guys were wearing shiny silver skullcaps. Oy, Stephy.


Thinking of my "guys" reminds me of what we used to do with them back in the day ~

For me, thinking anything Beatle without Brian being totally included was abnormal. Still is. Even as a 14-15 year old, when my pal Karin would make her Remco Beatle figures "talk" to each other, I was ordered to be "stuck" with being Ringo. Of course I didn't mind! However, I insisted that my most important "guy" be Brian.

I believe this action-figure goofiness went on for more than a year! Heck, at that time (almost half a century ago!) a 15-year-old was more like a 10-year-old of today. We had at least four sets of "guys" between us (we may have had two sets apiece ~ they cost only 50 cents apiece, but that's another story). Brian was "played by" either my Paul or George figure. Eventually all our "extra guys" became Neil, Mal, G.Martin, Cyn, Pattie, Mo, Jane, etc..... in fact, I made up a fictional character for my John figure, a brother named "Winston" who was a real dorky geeky professor-type (every time someone said something, he had to look it up in his reference books, and quote it with page number and all, which drove everyone up the wall) (your obnoxious eppylover has never been easy to live with, hahaa)... so Lez created a (sexy) little sister for Paul named Paulyn. Karin created a little brother for George named Sonny Jim. I remember several times Paulyn ended up messing around with John, and my Brian would be constantly running in and throwing her across the room or out the window!

"Cor, Eppy, that's just Paul's kid sister!"
"Right! ...Whatever!" *toss!*

LOL! Those were the days my friend!

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