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I think I may have a job...

Well, Meijers interviewed me this morning,
and I am being considered to work 1pm-9pm in the bakery there.
Should be interesting.
I should find out within 48-72 hours.

They start you at minimum wage ($7.15), and they sound hopeful to give me "as many hours as I can work"... Since I haven't been employed for the past 5 years and am not used to the grind anymore, I'm not going to jump into anything more than that to start. They said once I'm hired, if I seem suited for something better or different (me? probably end up as some sort of clerical again?) then it's really easy to slide over into something else for the company. It would rock if I ended up in a clerical position that pays a lot more, but at this point I'm really unsure of being able to discipline myself in any capacity ~ so we shall take it one stomp at a time.

If I can swing monthly apartment rental and transportation (gas if my '94 Saturn holds out~ it's acting a bit funky ~ otherwise *ugh* bus fare), TV/phone/internet and doctor/dentist copays/meds, we can probably swing the food part with cheap stuff like ramen ~ and take handouts from the rest of the family ~ they throw away a lot of edibles every week.
Hey, man! If it's not moldy, we'll eat it. LOL

However, if my health (physical and/or mental) fails me, we're screwed.
That's always been my biggest concern.

In less than 5 years, when I'm old enough to pull my full pension, I can retire (again).
Unless, of course, I end up actually enjoying whatever work I'm doing at that time.
Wouldn't that be an ironic trip?!

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