christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Five Sunflowers For The Fifth Beatle

        ~by nemperor, who was there!

Five Sunflowers For The Fifth Beatle

A flister visits Brian's last home on the 41st anniversary of his death
Outside 24 Chapel Street, I found... nothing whatsoever. No flowers, no nothing. Ah well. We know that people visited his grave in Liverpool, so that is something. And my sunflowers did look very striking against the neutral tones of the house.

While I was standing across the street doing some photography, an elderly couple wandered past and stopped outside the house. I think they must have lived nearby because they had shopping bags.

The man started talking to the woman in a voice so low that I hardly could hear, but I sidled a little closer and finally heard "blah blah blah homosexual blah." So he was talking about Brian after all. On eavesdropping even more closely I heard "blah blah suicide blah... parties on the roof...blah blah." And that was all I could catch. I nearly said something, but they didn't seem to be the sort of people that one randomly strikes up conversations with on street corners. And it didn't sound to me as if the man had known Brian personally.

Tags: brian epstein, death, flisters

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