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Jude Law / Brian Epstein

A few articles & some commentary

Movie News

Mon, Mar 17, 2003, 08:03 AM PT

HOLLYWOOD ( - It's not just the Beatles who have received their share of media attention. Their manager is getting his own biopic as well, and British actor Jude Law ("Cold Mountain") is set to play the legendary Brian Epstein. No director is attached yet, and Law is shopping the project around to various production houses.

For years, the actor has been fascinated with the troubled pop impresario, who steered the Beatles to success but died at the peak of their fame. His take on Epstein will come from journals he bought at an auction.

Describing the diaries, Law tells the London Daily Post, "They run from when he was 15 until he was 27, with sketches and odd little notes -- very funny. He was quite a personality."

Law admits that he has been delaying the project until he felt old enough to portray the man who died from an overdose of sleeping pills in August 1967 when he was only 32.

Meanwhile, news of the film has been welcomed by the surviving Beatles. Geoff Baker, a spokesman for Sir Paul McCartney, said: "Paul has said if anyone was the fifth Beatle it was Brian Epstein. I am sure he and Ringo would welcome this film. There is a whole generation of Beatles fans who do not know about Brian and the role he played."

Law, who is too slim to play Epstein, told the newspaper that he would put on weight by spending time in Italy eating pasta and drinking Guinness.

  August 8, 2004:  Jude Law - On his dream role:
"Apart from [Beatles manager] Brian Epstein, who is someone I'm actually developing a script to play, because I think he's missed his page in history - I think Christopher Marlowe. He was an extraordinary individual. Brave. I suppose he sits somewhat in the shadow of Shakespeare, and yet I think what he's put into literature and playwriting and therefore storytelling as we know it was incredibly significant. His own passion and swagger were very present in everything he wrote and did.
The above tells us that Mr. Law considers Brian his #1 dream role! "Apart from" Brian Epstein, he says. Which I interpret as meaning Brian comes first.   ...I sure hope the fact he's taking years and years to develop the film means he's doing it RIGHT.

excerpt from a very long article in a site called "The League of Obscure British Actors,"  at 

Sunday Times
16 September 2001

...The subject of our meetings was a film about Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles, which Law hoped to star in, and also possibly direct, and for which he wanted me, as the band's biographer, to write a script. You might expect that a 28-year-old stuck with the name of a classic Beatles song would shun all music prior to U2 or, at least, UB40. But no: Jude is a hopeless Beatle nut.

As a rule, the company of actors tends to bring me out in a sweaty rash. By the time I've heard them say how 'lovely' someone is for the 19th or 20th time, I start wanting to upset tables and break china. But Law never came on as a luvvie - just as an articulate, civilised young man with a depth of intuition and compassion that convinced me he could portray the doomed Epstein to perfection. I'd forget I was with one of British cinema's most promising young heart-throbs, then suddenly notice the waitress's goggle-eyed look as she read us the day's specials from the blackboard.

 ...I wrote an initial version of the Brian Epstein script, which Law, very politely and quite rightly, decided was in need of further expansion. My expanded version was sent to him, I believe, in Berlin, where he was filming Enemy at the Gate, a story of duelling Russian and American snipers during the siege of Stalingrad. A few days later, I got a telephone message from him, saying he was 'thrilled' with this draft. I looked forward to the casting and preproduction stages of Epstein with pleasant anticipation.

(this site did not acknowledge who wrote the above   ~ch)

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