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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Anti-Fag Meeting of The Funny Hat Club in Jerusalem

Jerusalem 2008 Funny Hat Club meeting to ban gays

Luckily for my flisters without sound on their computers, I found a transcription of this:
MAHER: [laughing] All right, I have this – this made me laugh so hard that I have to show it to you because I have a comedy show. [laughter] [holds up photo of group of Jerusalem religious leaders] This was on the front page of the New York Times the other day. These are the religious leaders of Jerusalem, who rarely get together. Jerusalem, as you might have read over the last hundred years, has been the site of a little bit of conflict. Okay, now there are – and they came together to agree on one thing, which is that fags must go. [laughter]

This, over here, this guy with the – looks like he's got a strawberry shortcake on his head—[laughter]—that's the Muslim – that's the mufti. This is the Catholic guy with the bling-bling. [laughter] [applause] This is apparently somebody from "Star Wars"..? or "Star Trek"..? [laughter] Or he's a Klingon. I don't what this guy is. [laughter] It's the funny hat club. Here's Carnak the Magnificent. [laughter] He is—

BALDWIN: Captain Hook.

MAHER: That's one of the – one of the rabbis. And an Abe Lincoln impersonator. [laughter] And the paper said this man was "not identified."..? [laughter] I'm sure he's relieved.

Okay, first of all, now, they got – because they're planning a gay pride parade in Jerusalem. So all the religious leaders got together – I love this – first of all, this looks like a gay pride parade right here. [laughter] [applause] I mean, this is just one penis-popsicle short of a gay pride parade. [laughter] Look, there's everything but the construction worker. [laughter]

But I just think it's hysterical that all these people think the other people, on fundamental issues – what could be more fundamental than the person I think is god, you don't think is god – okay, we're going to put that aside. You know, they've been fighting over who's god, they've been fighting over whose land it is. Fags cannot come here. [laughter] But that is one thing the funny-hat club can agree on—

WEST: Brings them all together.

MAHER: --is that: No fags. We will…

BALDWIN: They sit there saying, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! There's only one thing I hate more than you: fags, I hate more than you. That I hate more than you."..? [laughter] [applause] How awful.

MAHER: It's just beyond me.

WEST: The fact, you know, Brother Bill, is that we're really talking about intolerance, and it's actually on the verge of ugly bigotry. And we had to just say that. [applause] Because when you look at those faces – you look at those faces, well, you've got Catholics – well, Catholics were up against ugly forms of intolerance in America and other places; you've got Jews, vicious forms of bigotry and hatred, all coming together against another group now? Human, human, all too human…[laughter]

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