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Is it Bush or is it (Adam West's) Batman? Plus a rant under the cut *forgive me*.

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Thanks for the link, ecdysiasm!

Point of Origin: Shakesville

For extra amusement, read both the YouTube comments and Shakesville comments for this vid.

And another thing...
Call me old and grumpy, but the eppylover just cannot get into this silly Batmania craze.
It's especially annoying when these comic book characters are made into something you're supposed to take seriously ~ morphed into something angsty and emo that people actually get sucked into believing is making some kind of deep psychological statement.

Yes, I'll admit it's the type of thing that Brian would most likely have gotten into, big time.

But. For christsakes, they're comic characters!
Heh, mythology or any other make-believe never went far with me ~ unless used as a target for comedy, such as Eddie Izzard does.

Adam West rocks because he treats everything as campy ~ himself most of all! (Ever catch him as "Mayor West" on Family Guy? And on The Fairly Odd Parents?)

I'm not saying the actual actors in the faux-serious versions of Batman, and in Dr. Who, LOTR and Potter, etc., etc., aren't wonderful actors. I'm sure many of them are. I wouldn't know, because I won't watch that stuff. I've tried ~ not as hard as I tried to believe in religion, but enough to prove I can't swallow any of it or get excited by it.

Heath, especially, must have been a superior actor, if meticulous Vivek was seriously considering him to play Brian.

BTW, I've got both the Pirates of The Caribbean DVD's on my agenda to watch soon. I agreed to try to watch them because they are supposed to be quite campy/kitschy. Besides, I do like Johnny Depp in a lot of things ~ yay Edward Scissorhands. If anyone takes anything Tim Burton does seriously, they need to wake up!

That is, if I MUST watch "superhero" or "fantasy" -type stuff ~ *ohh please don't make me!* ~ give me the satire or spoof version any day.

Whatever happened to the Stan Lee "Super Ringo" thingy that was in the works? ;_;

Sorry I'm such an old poop. My mindset is probably set by my "realism" fetish (the same reason I can't tolerate the stretch of logic integral to religion and supernatural beliefs).
I love y'all anyway, because it takes all kinds to make a world.

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