christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Little cuddly Mr Spock! Innee adorable?

My Spock doll on eBayGo to this eBay page and see the other enlargeable pics of this li'l guy!

If you're curious about all the weird objets du WTF that I'll be offering in future days, keep checking the eBay shtuffs link in the lefthand column of my LJ recent posts page.

*psstt ~ Beatle items may appear later*

Hopefully I can make a little pocket change to help me out with our dreaded transition.

click for large imagePhotobucket

Thanks, guys! :D
I'm gonna try to make future auctions amusing ~ so even if you're not interested in buying my crap, you might get a larf or two for clicking over. With this one, the only thing remotely grinworthy is his enlargeable butt shot. No, the pic is enlargeable, not his butt. Although that would be interesting, n'est ce pas?


Anyone on my Friends List who is sweet enough to buy one of my eBay thingies will get something extra ~ we can discuss WHAT ahead of time in emails. I've got sooo much stuff to get rid of!

Tags: ebay-craigslist-et al

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