christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~

It really hit home with me when he said, "When it came to religion, I REALLY TRIED."
With him, though, it was the fact he was getting older and wiser and coming to a logical conclusion.
With me, it was 18 years of trying to ignore the little guy in the back of my brain who kept knocking on the inside of my skull, yelling, "Hello! Hello in there! Does all this make any sense to YOU?!"

And then at age 19 my first husband, by introducing me to agnosticism, introduced me to the little wiseguy in my head.

The strangest thing: My ex is 9 years older than me ~ well, about 16 or so years ago, he called me at my sister's house (I didn't want to leave personal contact info with him). He told me he had become a christian. That really blew my family's mind when I told them. The last time my ma heard from him, he was more rabid than ever.

Well, thanks anyway, ex. Too bad the prospect of death freaks you out and you need a crutch now.

I can't see that ever happening to me ~ in fact, my dad is in his 80's and he's a former Catholic schoolboy, now an atheist ~ so I most likely will stay as I am. :)

You don't NEED to follow me, you are all individuals!" - Brian of Nazareth

p.s. 33,162 comments to this video on YouTube!
As I read some of them, one question occurs to me, one that has always puzzled me ~

Can anybody explain why christians, even ones who mean well and are trying to be nice, still have this overpowering obsession to TYPE IN ALL CAPS FOR MORE THAN A FEW WORDS?! LINES AND LINES OF ALL-CAPS!

Holy crap! All that does is make them look like flailing mental defectives. How can they NOT realize this?

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