christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Anonymous vs May Pang

In response to my post here, "Anonymous" (that omnipresent brave soul who posts scathingly opinionated comments but doesn't reveal his/her identity when doing so ~ as if it made any difference), commented:

(Anonymous) 2008-07-07 04:00 pm
If May was out to protect John's privacy, she would not have released three kiss and tell books each with a different story. She is a self aggrandizing money grubbing ex concubine who just wants to make a buck off her brief time with Lennon.

eppylover 2008-07-07 09:08 pm
Good grief.
You don't have to be THAT nasty about it, "Anonymous."

(Anonymous) 2008-07-08 08:37 am (from
well I'm really sick of the way she exploits Lennon.

Below is the reply I'm holding back from posting, because there does exist a few Yoko fans amongst my best-loved flisters ~ and, really, Brian is my main focus, not offending others:

eppylover Subject: exploits Lennon
.......and Yoko DOESN'T?!?!?

Re "her brief time with Lennon" ~ Amount of time spent with someone is no excuse ~

~ in fact, the longer the relationship = the more of a reason NOT to exploit a person's name and fame when they're not around anymore to disapprove ~

~ at least to my way of thinking, selling John Lennon diapers and ice cream is much more of a humiliation than one's own honest, personal memories of him.

I'm not dissing May in my with_thebeatles post ~~ I simply have very little interest in her because she seems so disinterested in Brian.

Tags: lennon, may pang, yoko

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