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Katie reports! Personal photos and in-person descriptions of BEATLES/BRIAN LIVERPOOL_08

The Grammy Foundation STARRY NIGHT honors Sir George Martin
Latest article by Katie Hickox on

July 12, 2008 ~ Sir George Martin Grammy Foundation Leadership Award
I've read comments in so many places where clueless people say, "oh, Epstein gave them their start, but after that he became pretty much a detriment, business blunders and profiting off them" ... "Epstein was only their manager, what's the big deal?" ...and, "George Martin was more important to them than Epstein," etc. etc. etc.

This article relates how ~ during the Special Presentation of "The Making of Sgt. Pepper" given at the University of Southern California by the Grammy Foundation ~ Sir George Martin confirmed, once and for all, how totally necessary Brian Epstein was to the worldwide success and longevity of his Beatles, all the way to the end of his life and beyond.

He also confessed ~ once again, in case you missed it the first half dozen times ~ that he, George Martin, would have surely turned down The Beatles had it not been for Brian's pushing them at him, for Brian's overwhelming devotion and belief that their talent was second to none, and that Martin would be making a dire mistake not to give The Beatles a chance. And George Martin also said that, if he had known beforehand that other record companies had already turned them away, he never would have signed them anyway, or even listened to them live after that first demo record Brian played for him.

Sir George is not being humble when he says Eppy, rather than himself, should truly be called the 5th Beatle if there were indeed such a thing.

An ironic disclosure: Sir George Martin claimed that Brian's faith in the Beatles becoming more popular than Elvis never wavered ~ but sadly, that Brian's early death in August 1967 has resulted in Brian himself being forgotten.

If you doubt me and Sir George, if you don't think Brian Epstein has been forgotten, ask around ~ ask just regular people who Brian Epstein was... and if they don't know, then ~ without telling them who Brian was ~ ask them who The Beatles were... or even each Beatle by name. A real eye-opener, that.
Brian Epstein SHOULD be every bit as well-known and honored as his boys!

Katie has recently written several (over 14!) Liverpool 08 Beatles/Paul McCartney posts (with great pictures!) for the What Goes On blog, along with an interview with Dave Jones of the Cavern Club.

All 14 of her posts with wonderful pictures can be found at
Katie In Liverpool 2008

~~ They read from newest to oldest; that is, from the end to the beginning of her Liverpool trip ~ there are TWO pages of entries, so make sure you click the "older posts" link at the bottom of the page!

Finally, do not miss Dave Haber's final las Vegas blog post, entitled Thinking of Brian.
Dave is the webmaster for the official Epstein-family-approved Brian website on behalf of creator Martin Lewis, ~ and he also created and maintains the aforementioned

Ghost Brian at Mirage Cirque LOVE

The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum

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