christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shabbat Shmooze #2 ~ Extra Credit--Hitler

WARNING: Similar to the Sunday disclaimer.
If you are susceptible in any way to being offended by tasteless, politically incorrect humor involving Jews and Germans ~ and omg Homosexuals ~
~ please don't click in.
Oh! and one little bitty gheysecks doodle shows peen of homo Hitler, and may be considered by some (?) to be PG-13 or NSFW ~
Okay? :)

I love that the teacher gave him a Zero for the assignment ~ and noted in red ink:
Your opinion is narrow, hate-based, & stereotyped.
Where are your facts?
Do not insult me or waste my time.
What is it?
It's an extra credit school report found somewhere online by corvus

Eppylover note: I cannot help but hear the voice of Mojo Jojo voicing some of the repetitous phrasings.

Extra Credit-Hitler! by Goran Novakovic

But that's not all ~
~ this report was then taken over and marvellously illustrated in doodle comic form by the anachronistically-inclined sabotabby!


Links to posts where I found these gems:

sabotabby drew the comic on her webcomic LJ page here ~

after she found the original school report paper reproduced on

Seriously bigoted, seriously lacking in common decency.
Totally hiliarious to those of us who "hear the music"..! conclusion, GO JEWS!

"Those who dance are called insane by those who don't hear the music."
~ Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

Tags: comics, gay, jewish, shabbat shmooze, tasteless humor

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