christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

***icon sources per request***

Brian LOOOVES his polka-dot silk Hermés scarf!
(And so do I!)
Ed Sullivan with Brian Epstein and The Beatles 1964
Click pic for more Sullivan

There were some really choice contact sheets being auctioned off a few years back.
I would have killed to afford them!

This one includes the ones from which I made the icons "Nu?" and "Back off, bitch!"

You may recognize "Oopsy" on this one, which was also a contact sheet sold on eBay.

I cropped and masked this Eppy from a pic of Bri & the Boys traveling on the Japan tour, and it's the one I used to make the "Damn, I'm cute" icon. If I ever find the original uncropped pic again I'll post it. I did look for it for quite awhile unsuccessfully.

G'night all!

Tags: eppyspam

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