christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Spotlight on Andrew Loog Oldham

Brian shows his boys
to Andrew Loog Oldham
for the first time

Hit this LINK to ALO's official website. The front page has a cool morphing image of his 2 books.

ALO in the 60's

ALO being interviewed by Brian on Hullabaloo

Andrew Loog Oldham:
At the Granada Theatre in Bedford, I stood at the back of the stalls beside Brian Epstein. There was a tangible sense of mad hysteria rising all over the theatre, and with the arrival of the Beatles on stage it rose to a frenzy and took on a life of its own.

The kids broke all the backstage windows. It was pandemonium. On stage, you could not hear the Beatles for the roar of the crowd, and the roar I heard was the roar of the whole world.

The audience that evening expressed something beyond repressed adolescent sexuality. The noise they made was the sound of the future. Even though I hadn’t seen the world, I heard the whole world screaming. When I looked at Brian, he had the same lump in his throat and tear in his eye as I.



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