christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Happy Birthday Ded Grotty!!!

Ded Grotty's Birthday~Starring Homer Simpson and George errrmmmmm...yeah Harrison

Photobucket Old George

*Your Caption Here* George Harrison, Mal Evans & Peter Tork

George Harrison ~ Magical Mystery Tour ~ Blue Jay Way ~~ Ehhhh....exactly what WAS in that "vitamin," Eppy?!

In the movie \'HELP!\' ~I was asked~ is George touching this girl\'s boob?

If we can con him into taking this "vitamin" that Eppy left us,
we can take 'im, John!
Call it a "karma pill"...
Holier-than-thou, Lennon/McCartney!

Photobucket Photobucket

Brian Epstein & George Harrison sitting on stage, May 19, 1966

Well... George certainly looks impressed by this spam.

And forget Brian. He's, like, totally distracted by some tattooed construction worker.

So much for that effort, boys. *sigh*

Tags: birthdays, brian epstein, george harrison

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