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Viacom Has Gone Too Far

This is the bottom half of the article { Viacom Has Gone Too Far } on</a>

...if Judge Stanton can compel YouTube to hand over personal and private data for millions of users, who's to say that someone else with a beef against, say, Yahoo or Microsoft won't do the same for e-mail logs?

Or, hey, since the judge has already put you, Mr. Redstone, in the henhouse, why not a look at Gmail logs? Maybe you'll find e-mails relating to copyrighted YouTube videos in there.

There is no end in sight. Viacom is doing this for no reason other than to seriously harm YouTube. The frenzied reaction by Google and YouTube to even the whiff of copyright infringement on the video site is the clearest indication that the damage is already done.

With those logs in hand, though, Mr. Redstone, Viacom has the will and means to do all sort of nasty things. It will learn what copyrighted videos still exist, whether or not people still watch them, and who the watchers are. A witch hunt could ensue. Maybe Viacom will go back to the judge and ask for a subpoena or two for a handful of egregious offenders. Perhaps you'll go after people who subscribed to the Jon Stewart Daily Show video blogs and watched each and every one. I'm sure, Mr. Redstone, you would like to find a way to charge those people as criminals.

You're doing all this in the service of content protection, right? No, not really. This is to protect Sumner Redstone's almighty dollars. Good luck with that, jerk.
Read the entire article at PC Mag

BTW, I found this interesting, and I want somma dat...ani wink smiley ~ ezboard style
...and I don't think allowing filesharing would hurt his billions in the least...
...however, doing what he's doing now may indeed hurt him, in this day and age of anti-repression:

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