christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

No more ghostbusting for Rick Moranis!

HERE's an example of
self-esteem in a world
of showbiz pussies!

I think it took guts!

Hee hee, I don't blame him.
I'd be very sad if I were one of those people who play video games ~ but I'm kinda proud of him for standing up against the overbearing General Public who feel they own the lives of performers.

I guess it's my pride in Tom Lehrer's sudden and complete refusal to create and perform, at the height of his fame in the 60's, that made me realize how the showbiz world plays with and manipulates performers' egos and self-esteem. Like, you MUST give the public what they want! It doesn't matter if you are finally happy being who you finally are, you selfish prick!

Mr. Lehrer simply stood up and said "I don't need this!" and, even though I do heavily grieve the loss of his genius being shared with me ... you don't know how much ... I feel even more his pain at the toll the greedy public always takes with their constant stripping out of what they want from a person. Tom Lehrer is a person! and Rick Moranis is a person! Just like you and me.

And if Rick doesn't wish to be ground up in the machine anymore, I'm proud he was able to take a stand ~ and I'm proud his self-esteem is high enough to be able to take his turn and laugh back at all the people who think they own him.

If he feels he gave us enough, then he did. "He owes it to the fans" ~ baloney! That's just another reason for me to hate the predatory word "fan."

If Rick does want to give us more, but things of his own choice, things HE enjoys that will keep him close to home and family, then yay for Rick.

By the way, in the ensuing years before his recent retirement from teaching, Tom Lehrer WAS creating and performing bits to liven up his classrooms ~ and he is still occasionally performing new bits for small parties of friends and such. None of which, I'm afraid, are being recorded. Although I hope they are. I'm hoping that, if he really really HAS to die someday (he's 80), he has had all his stuff recorded to leave behind for everyone. Please.

What Mr. Lehrer discovered many years ago was that once people start hearing and getting excited about you and your stuff, they start demanding and making life very, very uncomfortable. I seem to remember someone named Marilyn who was destroyed by those same types of circumstances. Even when she said NO, the machine (showbusiness and general public) was able to find and bruise/kill any fragile self-esteem she was trying to protect.

Like George Harrison said, he has always wanted to be successful ~ he has never wanted to be famous.

I think that if you do make it to famous status, you have earned the right to be able to back off and be left alone to the extent that you wish to be left alone.

And if being pushed around by the fame machine makes Rick uncomfortable, more power to his brave refusal!

p.s. Hahaa, Pink Missy ... you know who you are ... I found your post before you deleted it, and the above was originally gonna be a comment there. ;D

Here's buddy Dave Thomas's description of Rick,
from this great article at
Moranis, who lives in New York, "had to be dragged in kicking and screaming," his old partner said.

"Rick's virtually retired. He's not keen on doing anything much. He picks and chooses his own projects, and does them in his own time. But this one is pretty close to his heart."

Thomas, who has produced, directed, written and starred in numerous U.S. TV shows and movies, including The Dave Thomas Show, Grace Under Fire, The Simpsons, Stripes, Spies Like Us, The Experts, Coneheads and Rat Race, said his own performing days are behind him.

"I don't even like performing any more. Maybe it's an age thing, but the idea of running up and down the street with some kid director yelling, `Do it again!' doesn't do it for me any more.

"But I still love writing, I love making shows and I love the company I have here."

Okay. Y'all who are STILL dissing Rick might want to take a look at a comment I just found on the Wired blog while looking for a pic to add to this post ~
So, we find out Dan Aykroyd is dreaming up names for weapons in the game, but every gaming site going jumps on the fact that Rick Moranis opted not to take the job? Nice editorializing... I mean, reporting.

If people knew a bit about Rick Moranis, more than the one careless and stupid remark by a Sierra flak (what, he dared say no, so they'll just make him sound like a dick?) you sound like a jerk.

His wife died, young, leaving him a single dad. He's got enough money that he doesn't have to work. He didn't like the experience of working on Ghostbusters2 (but does like working with Dave Thomas, hence Brother Bear and the upcoming MacKenzie Bros. cartoon.) Sierra approached him, he did listen, they discussed options, they didn't click, and so no deal. Big deal. Happens all the time. What, the deal makers at Sierra don't get their Christmas bonus because they ONLY got 75% of the original cast, including Bill "The Murricane" Murray? Drama!

Screw Sierra for taking a kick at the guy, and screw every website that helps keep the kicks rolling.
Yeah. I think that says it for me, too.

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