christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Shabbat Shmooze ~ Paul no longer a threat to Israeli youth!

Macca Bee

Give him his bass
and he might sing for you
"A Taste of Honey!"

I can't believe I found this Here

Yay!!! Paul McCartney has now been pronounced kosher enough to enter the promised land!!!

Thanks to WHAT GOES ON's Dave Haber,
who links us to this article

I must remind you, though, of the { REAL STORY } behind Israel's 1965 rejection of The Beatles. There is only one place I actually found the whole truth ~

  ~ but for some odd reason nobody else seems to want to delve into the particulars of the story ~ fascinating though it certainly is!





Okay, okay, you got me ~ so here's the group who REALLY sings it:

Tags: beatles, humor, israel, shabbat shmooze, videos

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