christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Lost Beatles interview unearthed ~ for real.

I could be too late for anyone to help me on this, but I just saw it, so here goes:

The big eppylover questions are:
  1. Are any of you going to actually be able to watch this,

  2. If you do, will you watch for Brian,
  3. and
  4. IF Brian appears/is mentioned, how can I see this interview?

I realize that the third question is probably unanswerable.
I will settle for answers to numbers 1 and 2. :)

Click the link and read the whole article; it's fascinating:

Audio: Lost Beatles interview unearthed

For 44 years a canister of film had been stored in a damp garage in South London. But, finally, somebody took a look inside, and realised they had unearthed a piece of pop history.

The lost Beatles interview is to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday (July 1, today) for the first time since it was originally recorded.

The nine-minute interview took place in the studios of Scottish Television on Thursday, 30 April, 1964.

Thanks be to
for this and many other tasty
Beatle niblets they uncover for us!

EDIT: I just realized that they said BBC RADIO is going to broadcast this FILM ~ so a sound file would probably be the only thing possible at this time (same requests apply).

Perhaps the BBC will be airing it in video form on the telly sometime soon...?

Tags: beatles, videos

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