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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Carlin: Quasi-Son of Lenny ~ and JohnYoko!

{{ Thanks be to leikomgwtfbbq Leiko for the inspiration }}
Not really strictly Shmooze-fodder (Lenny was Jewish and he touches on it in the vid), but ~~ it's my LJ and I can do what I want, dammit!
*eppylover blows raspberries in y'all's direction*

When George and his then-partner Jack Burns played gigs on the same bill with the legendary Lenny Bruce, Jack remembers the effect Lenny had on George. It was like a light bulb went off in George's head, or a switch flipped over to the ON position.

I totally remember sitting my teenage butt on the floor in front of the TV and soaking in the pre-radical George's brilliance ~ I also loved (the then MUCH milder yet still amazing) Richard Pryor. However, where Richard's comedy seemed a little bit forced to me, George came across so smooth and natural.

George Carlin, in my humble opinion, carried on and far surpassed the genius of his mentor Lenny Bruce ~~ and Carlin, as I often opine, is the 21st century's greatest PHILOSOPHER. Comedy was merely his vehicle to gain acceptance of his philosophy.

George Carlin before Lenny's death:

Lenny Bruce bits, in retrospective by Steve Allen

Lenny died in August 1966, one year before Brian died in August 1967.

Here's the transformed George Carlin on the Mike Douglas show,
during the week John & Yoko co-hosted in 1972:

Don't pass up watching the "Related Videos" in YouTube's right-hand column!

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