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If you're bored, contact the F.C.C...!

Funny post at!

Two complaints about indecency in Paul McCartney's Super Bowl halftime show</font>
Posted by bookofjoe on February 16, 2005 10:46 PM

Message to Sir Paul: you can't please 'em all.

Nat Ives wrote in this past Monday's New York Times that the F.C.C. had received not one but two complaints about McCartney's halftime performance.

The whole point of enlisting him was to avoid a repetition of the Janet Jackson episode from last year.

Nevertheless, two viewers contacted the F.C.C. within 24 hours of Sir Paul's performance questioning its decency.

Both complained that he had stepped over the line when he sang the Beatles' classic "Get Back" complete with its references to "California Grass."

Two other viewers contacted the F.C.C. to complain that McCartney had simply bored them.

You can read this, and the responding comments, at BLOGCRITICS.ORG MESSAGE TO SIR PAUL


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