christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Going into business for myself....

If I MUST come out of retirement ~~~

~~~ {{{ This }}} is the job I want!!!

I've got a big head start ~ after all, I started compiling my own to-do list years ago.
Eventually I should get to the point when I can start taking requests.
I do work on commission, LOL!

Two days ago my clock radio, which I used every day, gave up the ghost. It was one of those things from the early 80's with AM/FM/cassette player (I never used the telephone part because the sound was awful).
This is it:

Now I have nothing to awaken me at any given time. I would put a wakeup alarm program on my computer, except that it's in the livingroom/diningroom part of our very, very small hovel house ~ no room at all in my bedroom for a computer.

Heck, my queen bed fills one half of the room ~ you've gotta climb over it to get to the other side where the closet and dresser is ~ and then, there's hardly enough room to open the dresser drawers. Hahaa, there are lots of mobile homes larger than our house.

I might arsk around my family and see if they have anything resembling a clock radio lying around unused. :(

On a related note, I'm a good one for rescuing leftover food from my sister... even though it makes her look at me like some kind of homeless person, LOL... But damn! she throws out good food every week, because they rarely eat leftovers. Damn!

Tags: death, employment, humor

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