christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Directors Cut up on YouTube ~ hurry!

FLASH! Before it's deleted by the bigwigs, the entire BOOTLEG version of Anthology is up on YouTube ~

~ It's called The Beatles Anthology Director's Cut ~ occasionally you find it on the black market in the form of ten (that's right, 10) DVD's, and it keeps getting banned by eBay every time they find someone is trying to sell copies.

The difference between the regular Anthology and the Director's Cut?

Well! This bootleg has more than twice as much material that was changed and deleted, from what Apple & the Threetles-Plus-Yoko picked over and chose to sell to the public. This director's cut is a copy of the first version that was submitted for their approval, and believe you me, the for-sale version that you own is all butchered up!

All the links to the videos on YouTube have been posted on { THIS BOARD } of the forum for your convenience.

Watch 'em as soon as you can, because I'll bet they won't be up for long!!!

For further info and commentary about it ~
{ HERE } is a post I made about this bootleg set, back on February 15. Cheers!

Tags: beatles, videos

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