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Sunday Sermon: Ahh Nostalgia! The Holy Lice of Bygone Days

Once again, please do not click the link nor the LJ-cut if you don't want to get religiously ticked-off at me. Let me stew and ignore me if thou wilts (sic).

A recent comment to a flister rung a bell, so I did a search with my LJ Archive program, and sure enough, back in April 2006 I made { THIS POST } ~ which (wink,wink,nudge,nudge) is probably worth a re-perusal for me flisters.

Anyway, here is the recent comment that jogged my memory:

Stephy has kept a large louse immortalized in a drop of glue on a small piece of cardboard for the past, ohhh, ten or eleven years, as a memento and a reminder ~ and, I guess, a nature study(?). As I recall, she named him "Lousy."

I don't know HOW many times I had to go through treatments on her head and everything else, until I found out she was sneaking over to the perp's house to play ~ those kids had been kicked out of the elementary school and had failed several school nurse re-testings.

7- or 8-year-old Stephy would regularly go up one street to play with the good mama-approved neighbor kids. Little did I know she made a detour in good neighbor's backyard to shortcut it over to the bad neighbor kids' house.

Bad neighbor didn't do a damn thing about their kids' lice because ~ praying to God was supposed to take care of them. God didn't want poisons of any type on their kids.

These people had been brainwashing little Stephy into fibbing to me that she WAS going to the good neighbors' house (she wasn't lying, you see, because she DID spend a few minutes there first) ~ and they were christianizing her. Saving her soul, saving her from her evil agnostical mama. Being sat down and sunday-schooled on weekday afternoons!

You've heard the song: "Sunday Schooled on Weekday Afternoons" by Queen

Eventually, after I had suffered through several lice-entious encounters with Stephy's head, a conversation with the good neighbor wandered over to the bug issue. Good neighbor spilled the beans on Stephy, never knowing that I had not okay'd her visits to bad neighbor. Good neighbor had been kinda mad at ME for allowing lice to be repeatedly spread to HER kids, but didn't want to cause a problem by bringing it up.


And thusly I fulfill my obligation for a sunday sermon. ani wink smiley ~ ezboard style

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