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Brian Epstein favors? ~ Facebook, MySpace, and...The Tonight Show!


Brian Epstein ~ Gaia avatar ~ in tux
I know. I'm sorry. I'm being a real pain in the tuchas today.

Three posts in a row this morning.
What a way to mess up your f'lists.

Anyway, did you know that there's a Brian Epstein Facebook?
Problem is, one must be a Facebook member to fully access and respond to any Facebook pages!!! You can click and see the Brian Epstein pic gallery, though.

Here's a favor I must ask of you all...
Brian Epstein as depicted in childrens book
I have GOT to become a Facebook member, to stay in line with what I'm doing Eppy-wise, mainly with the forum, but also to keep Brian visible everywhere.

I tried to sign up once, about a year ago, but couldn't get the hang of it.
Now Facebook has become the #1 social networking site, and I have been arsked to try again.

So ~~ anyone else out there who happens to belong to Facebook:
Do you have any tips? How should I go about it?
I notice that you are forced to be "your real self" or they ban you.

Well, that's not cool, because I have absolutely no interest in throwing my real name out there and finding people from my past, "socializing" or "networking" with people for any reason other than Brian Epstein-ish ones.

Although ~ I am forced at this point to confess that ~over the past 4 years~ this Eppy-oriented undertaking of mine has indeed opened me up to some new amazing friends, on levels other than just Brian/Beatles! Omigawd yeah! The usually antisocial christine is indeed surprised and pleased with that development! (Y'all know who you are...I think!)

Favor #2 ~ if you're on MySpace, we can add eachother, too.
I am a bit embarrassed to note that I've got some MySpace friends that I don't recognize from anywhere else because ~~ some of you go by different usernames *augghhh!* and I FORGET who you are!!! (I'm old, remember? Heh) So if you are already on my MySpace (name's eppylover, of course!), and you are also on LJ (or are peeking in here from elsewhere), please remind me which usernames are which people. The ones I already know are near the top of my "top friends" column, and the ones I can't remember are at the bottom of my "All Friends" page, beginning after "The BeatleBox"...Thank you!!!

Favor #3 ~ I've recently acquired a really rare audio, 11 minutes and 40 seconds of Brian Epstein on The Tonight Show August 22, 1966, being interviewed by Johnny Carson!
Thanks be to Paul K. at Six Plus Three!!!

The problem is, it's in .flac format. I can play it on WinAmp, but I need it as an mp3 for other reasons. I do not wish to install another program merely to convert one 77,266kb file.
Is there anybody out there who can convert it to mp3?

BTW, here's an interesting Tonight Show page.

Enough for now, okthxbye!

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