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Sunday Sermon ~ If anyone's philosophy outlined my religion/politics, it would be his.

Found George Carlin's latest special on *YouTube*
~ for the time being, that is
~ who knows how long it will be up!!!

*sigh* Seems the time got away from me today.
That's what happens when you wake up after noon! LOL
This way of life won't last too much longer, unfortunately...  crying smiley

O: I was reading your web site [], and you
referred to George W. Bush as a fascist. But you don't vote.
Why not vote against someone you think is a fascist?

GC: Well, because it wouldn't make any difference. When
fascism comes to this country, it won't be wearing jackboots;
it'll be wearing sneakers with lights in them, and it'll have a
smiley face and a Michael Jordan T-shirt on. They learned the
mistake of overt control. They've learned how to be much

No, I don't think my vote would mean anything, and at
the same time, it would make me very untrue to myself to
participate in what I really think is a charade.

O: A lot of people like you seem to be running for president
under the Reform Party.

GC: [Laughs] I know. Well, you see, there's another thing:
The Reform Party should be a serious reform party. This
culture won't allow that ...

Read the whole interview HERE

Tags: comedians, humor, sunday sermon

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