christine~ (eppylover) wrote,


If I had a time machine, the first thing I'd do is kidnap Brian Epstein shortly after 5pm on August 26, 1967.

Then I'd drag him along with me (most likely kicking and screaming, but c'est la vie) back to see, for ourselves, just who the f* this "rabblerousing person" was (or, most likely, if he ever existed at all) who caused such a ruckus during the timeframe which later became known as 1-30 AD ~

~ and if indeed there was such a character to whom hundreds of years later the multiple manipulative fairy tale scripture-writers and re-writers would decide to name "Jesus" ~ well, then, did he indeed resemble a blue-eyed, light-brown-shaggyhaired derelict in a dress from late-sixties Haight-Ashbury? Yes, even as a child the pictures of Christ creeped me out ~ same as Santa and clowns (from the same sack of imaginary characters).

Yeah, that's right, folks. Saving Lennon would have to wait. *smiley tongue*

An amazingly pale caucasian Christ ponders playing GODzilla all over Thomas Kinkade's quaint cottage.

Tags: humor, sunday sermon

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