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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Sean Altman's fave Beatle ~ and other joys of Jewmongous

Sean Altman, star of Jewmongous
A Jew's favorite Beatles member can't be John, Paul, George or Ringo.

To Sean Altman, the favorite has to be the most Jewish member of all - Brian Epstein, The Beatles' manager.

And here's the song!
I dedicate this video to Frizz K West, who "gets" it!

More about Sean, and more hilarious vids!
Altman is most known for writing and singing the theme song to "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" and he's the star of Jewmongous (click into it, it's great). He opened his two-hour performance in Gifford Auditorium Thursday night with his own theme song, a catchy tune that introduced and allowed Altman to lament over the fact that the majority of his former "Where in the World" audience is now grown and probably owns "nicer cars."

After Altman polled the audience, it was clear the majority of the audience was Jewish, but both Jews and goyim - or non-Jewish - alike appreciated the Yiddish phrases and often raunchy humor that popped up throughout Jewmongous.

The audience of approximately 60 people was thrilled when Altman sang his famous "jingle," as he called it, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" early in the show, as they sang along with the chorus.

"He had some funny stuff for Jews and goyim alike," said Maxx Berkowitz, a freshman graphic design and information studies major.

"Be My Little Shabbos Goy," one of Altman's original songs, paid homage to his gentile friends. "Lend a Christian-helping hand and spread some shabbos joy, it's my Sabbath I will not defile it, but I'm starving: please light my pilot," explained that Orthodox Jews who observe Shabbos by not working rely on non-Jews to help with simple tasks.

Here is Sean, singing "Be My Little Shabbos Goy"
WARNING: Some lyrics are kinda naughty ~ or, as Sean calls them, "over-the-top."

Altman also poked fun of the more ridiculous elements of Judaism. He noted although there are more holidays than many people can keep track of, they all seem to be similar.

Altman's wife, Inna Dukach, participated in the show. Altman told the crowd the two met on JDate, an online dating service just for Jews.

"That's where you meet the nice and respectable Jews," he said.

Dukach, a professional opera singer, lent her vocals for two songs in the show: "Jews for Jesus" and "A Little Off the Top."

"Jews For Jesus"

"A Little Off The Top"

Ten members of "Oy Cappella," SU's only Jewish a cappella group, joined Altman to close the show with "Salam," a song about peace.

"I think this audience got 80 percent of my jokes," Altman said after the show. "I think (my humor) shocked some people. It may have been too over-the-top for some."
Article by Carolyn Clark
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