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The Lehrer Lore Spreadeth ~ and it's partially the eppylover's fault. *snerk*

I was fairly amused ~ not to mention flattered ~ this morning when I opened my daily "Tom Lehrer Google Alert" email and found the number one entry was a reference I posted yesterday, on our tomlehrer Community, to an old anecdote written up in an Australian blog ~ which, ironically, I had discovered via yesterday's TL Google Alert ~

Fake Kidnappings
By DoorFrame
Tom Lehrer doesn’t like being “fake” kidnapped. Go figure. Via Tom Lehrer Livejournal.
RumorsDaily -

Now I gotta figure out how to explode Brian over the innertubes like my Tom Lehrer seems to be doing so well.

See the amazing YouTube Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel for but one of the many examples of his astounding proliferation.

I do employ at least three different types of Brian Epstein Google Alerts, but I guess my subject's remaining alive helps. How rude of you to leave us hanging like this, Eppy ~ with your movie coming up and all. ;P

The Fifth Beatle Movie Forum

It is a sobering thought that when Brian Epstein was Tom Lehrer's age, he had been dead for 48 years.

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