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Only mentally strong enough for a couple of *huh?* posts right now

Ahhhh, the French....

They are so very.......French.

(I am allowed to hit my own gang, as I am part French-Canadian)

~ Residents of city of Sarpourenx forbidden to die ~
.....under severe punishment of.....???

Another link: French Village Bans Death

I'm also a full 1/4 Polish, so this one's okay too ~

Vacuuming your underwear is
"common practice in Poland."

Comic artist Scott Adams of Dilbert fame also got a huge kick out of the Henry Hoover scenario, as he reports here in his blog!

A few comments from Scott's blog ~~
  • Henry had it coming.

  • ...By the way, a simple thought: What would be his sexual orientation? Not straight for sure, not homo either... Something "Inanimo"??? :D

  • I read elsewhere that the contractor was groaning louder than the hoover. So maybe it was very good at its job. Or maybe it sucked. Who knows?

  • Years ago, in high school, a friend brought up in conversation some difficulty he had in pleasuring himself with the vacuum cleaner. It was almost like the soundtrack stopped and you heard the proverbial record scratch. We all looked at him. He said, "Come on, you know you've all tried it." We were all pretty much in disagreement with him. He kept waiting for someone to admit to it, and we kept the silence because we had never considered it.
    I always felt kind of bad for him at that moment.

  • Just a related story...
    I have a good friend who was a designer at Orek. He once had to design a screen devise because a man decided to "make it" with his vacuume cleaner and got his #$%! mangled up by the turbine. This screen was then dubbed the dickscreen, and is always referred to when you say how dumb can a person be.

  • I know someone who was in the vacuum cleaner biz for 40 years.
    This guy ain't the first, by quite a lot.
    Twisted f@uckers.

  • You know the old saying . . . "Once you go vac, you never go back."

  • I'm va-CUUMING!! I'm va-CUUMING!!

  • I had an emergency room doctor friend, who told me this kind of thing was a weekly occurrence there. Apparently, there's a certain type of guy who sees a vacuum and thinks, "Rrrrrreow!" And not enough evolutionary time has passed since the advent of the vacuum to weed this particular element out.

  • From a Catholic standpoint, I haven't seen anything in the story arc that is even remotely as offensive as "you probably kneel in front of a priest and get a cracker."
    And this during Lent.

  • Scott, So when do you plan to start mocking Islam (pronounced hey-zeus)? Or do you only mock religions that won't threaten you with a fatwa?

    [Scott answers: Is there some sort of contest for dumbest question of the century and no one told me?]

...and there were far too many commenters telling Scott that he, or the story, sucks!

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