christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Eppylover Downtime, Courtesy of Aspinall-Shock.

Yeah, I'm still around. It's this thing with Neil Aspinall.

As I told Barbara (username aspinall) in our forum,
I guess it's affected me more than I thought.

After getting Stephy off to school this morning,
I tried to get started with my day ~~
but fell back into bed and didn't awaken until 3pm ~~
then frantically got ready for her to come home when she does at 3:10!

That was over 12 hours asleep.
When depressed, I tend to pass out like that ~
and to say "the F word" a lot when I'm awake!

Example: Dropped and busted a new light bulb I was trying to
screw in above the bathroom mirror, balancing up on a stool.
Stephy has never heard F*!!! screamed so loud and for such a
long time in her 18 years!

Easily concluded ~~ it wasn't the light bulb's demise that caused the tantrum.


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