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Sunday Sermon ~ A Touch Of Tom, George & Eddie

Catholicism gets the jabs today.
The Vatican Rag
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While growing up, our family was of the Catholic religion.
Believe it or not, I was once a "believer" in things "spiritual"
(in other words, paranormal, superstitious, and illogical) ~
until ~ to cop a quote from Carlin ~ I reached the age of reason.

Anyway, it was subtly inferred to us by the nuns in the school that we Catholics differed from "Christians."

That kind of confused me ~ don't the first six letters of "Christian" stand for Jesus's last name? Didn't Catholics have something to do with Jesus?

...but Eddie Izzard has since explained it, so now I understand. That is ~
The papists Catholics follow the teachings of Cathol and everything he stood for.

Finally, in honor of Good Friday, here's the logic behind ~~

Stephy asked me what Good Friday was. I answered that that's what the Christians call the day that their mythical Jesus was tortured, nailed to wooden crossbeams, and hoisted up to hang mostly naked in front of a crowd for hours and hours until he died.

Stephy looked at me incredulously, and said, "GOOD Friday? ...Holy shit!" (sarcastic voice) "Best Friday EVAR!

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