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Shabbat Shmooze ~ a comic and a vid today

Note: My online presence today is somewhat cramped by the omnipresence of the Og.
He makes me very self-conscious of what's on my screen.
So anyone waiting for anything from me ~ I'm sorry ~ I will get to it.


Courtesy of a post on the
LiveJournal weirdjews Community

OMG, if nobody wants the middle mensch, I'll take 'im! ♥


Stee-range, short-lived animated series...
This ancient cartoon is posted here, as part of the eppylover's Shmooze, mainly because she was was so amused by the Yiddish-flavored name of the big shot who The Beagles' manager was trying to impress ~

~ I do wonder if his name was enough of an inside joke that it flew over the heads of the "general TV viewing public" in 1966/67? ani rolleyes smiley

I also wonder ~ what's that accent The Beagles' manager is supposedly blessed with? ~ sounds like a quasi-faux-Scottish to me...?

Presented on CBS-TV in serialized adventures, The Beagles were an obvious attempt to cash in on the sound-alike name of the Fab Four from Liverpool, who began their own (Eppy-despised ~ see my blurb below the video) cartoon show the year before on ABC-TV.

When The Beagles series failed to generate high ratings, it was cancelled by CBS. It was repeated the following season on ABC before it quickly disappeared.

I've made several posts dealing with the "official" ABC-TV Beatles cartoon show.
Eppy Was Not Amused!
20th Century Beatles Cartoon - 21st Century Ringo Cartoon?
Brian Mentioned in Beatles Cartoon
The cartoon never felt the need to explain the name Brian! those days, EVERYBODY knew who Eppy was!

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