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In Defence of Dick Rowe?

Image courtesy the wonderful
Chazz Avery at

1962 Beatles Decca audition tape
In response to today's hot news flashes ~~ / The Biggest Blunders In Music History
and / War against Web tops music biz "screw-ups" list ~~
Dick Rowe.
He's the executive who refused to sign the Beatles, after Brian Epstein brought the quartet to him for a disastrous audition in 1962. His remark that "groups with guitars are on their way out" has become one of the most widely quoted stories about the Fab Four, even though the exec denied ever uttering the phrase.
  ~~ on that same subject, from back in August of 2006 ~~
Poor old Dick Rowe. What did that mean Eppy do to you? *snork*
[post includes a few pics] the way..... I thoroughly agree with Blender Magazine (who?) in their choice for the number one music boo-boo of all time. Which is: the clueless, paranoid, greedy record industry's hissy-fit over Napster, and its subsequent censorship/mishandling of the internet's filesharing potential.

They have hung themselves with their own rope and [in a premonitory tone not unlike Eppy's] I gleefully pronounce them a dead industry walking.
*Christine throws a handful of confetti over her head*

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