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Sunday Sermon ~ The Christian Gene!

Not LJ-cut ~ because, noooo, I don't think even the most anal of religionists could possibly find this one offensive ~~~ or could they?


thanks, Rachel (ecdysiasm) for the link to the vid!

~*~*~ ~*~*~ ~*~*~

Okay, here's something I should have posted yesterday (Saturday a.k.a. Shabbos).

Purim is coming up, commencing at sunset Thursday, March 20 and ending at sunset Saturday, March 22
When Is - Dates of Religious and Civil Holidays Around the World

This year, I really wish I could find out what hamentaschen taste like.
Oh, and I've also always wondered about kreplach, since I've absolutely loved that word like forever.
Stupid reason, but yeah!

Tags: shabbat shmooze, sunday sermon, videos

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