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I'm posting this NOT because I'm on anyone's "side," but simply as an example ~ the existence of "Jews Not Zionists" shows that the Jewish people are not stamped out of one mold. They're just like everyone else, running from very secular to very obsessively fundamentalist, and everything in-between.
Jews Not Zionists ~ one extreme fundamentalist view

"It is our hope that the information presented on this site will be of benefit to all and that we soon merit the peaceful dismantlement of the so-called "State of Israel" and that Jewish-Muslim brotherhood be restored as prior to the arrival of the Zionist scheme on the global scene."

Even though personally I don't think the establishment of Israel was "done right" somehow ~ me being agnostic on all religions and therefore being of the strong opinion that doing anything based more upon scripture than common sense is stupid ~ after all, look at all the chaos ~~

~~ I nevertheless don't like the idea of "dismantlement" of a society/state/country that is already in full bloom. Think about it ~ all countries were founded by one people pushing another people around. Israel is in many ways beautiful and is the home of many families.

All countries have their problems, and the Middle Eastern countries have particularly bad problems. IMO, there is no answer because there is more bad being done by BOTH sides than there is good.

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