christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

The Book By Bramwell

99 cents and less than $6 shipping?
An insanely cheap price for this, if no bidding war ensues.
I'd grab it myself, but I already have it, hahaa.
Can't let anybody else miss out, though!

Magical Mystery Tours-My Life With The Beatles
by Tony Bramwell

Item number: 310029054910

Contains loads of not-to-be-missed Eppy material,
and even more Beatles stuff,
from their loyal childhood friend.

(The below photo gives you an idea of Tony's appearance in 1967)
All You Need Rehearsal - Bramwell's last Eppy pic
The boy on the right is Tony Bramwell. The short-haired man in the background with his back to us is Brian's PA Alistair Taylor, who was never much of a fancy shirt wearer, but the Beatles gave him that shirt and ordered him to put it on then and there! LOL. The young lady behind Tony is Mary Hopkin (who sang "Those Were The Days my friend, we thought they'd never end...")

Below, a couple of pages from the Bramwell book now on eBay:
The Ono-Klein con game: page 313, Tony Bramwell's Magical Mystery Tours-My Life With The BeatlesThe Ono-Klein con game: page 314, Tony Bramwell's Magical Mystery Tours-My Life With The Beatles

The author in recent years ~

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