christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

"Perhaps you would please..." ...Bluh-bluh-bluh....GAH?

From The Blackpool Gazette
Letter from Brian Epstein to John Vale

"Perhaps you would please sign both copies if you approve and return to me; I will then return one of them to yourself with my own signature."

Come again?!
As a former clerical/secretary of many different ilks during the past 30-some years, I just gaped at that. And read it again, and gaped some more.

Anybody familiar with British English, please, please set me straight on this! ~

Does the above constitute proper British grammar for business correspondence? Or does our poor Eppy sound flasterblastercated out of his gibbers? Did he even read it before he signed it?

If this was indeed worded improperly and awkwardly, I hereby administer a hearty cyber-slap to whomsoever his secretary was at that time (initials are "OJ") ~~ because she should have done something about it, and not let it go out as it was. Good lord.

However, if this IS proper British form, then here's proof positive that I would never make it as a secretary in Jolly Olde.

Tags: brian epstein, nems, wtf

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