christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Gimme some ideas, Beatlepeoples!

Just something for fun, now ~~

Our forum has "ranks" that give you a "title" under your username, indicating how many posts you have made. I thought it would be cute to rename these rank standings using Eppy-related labelling.

Not only Beatles/Eppy-related, but also gay or Jewish (go ahead, I'll decide if it's too tasteless, hahaa) ~

So far I've only thought of the one for the "500 or more" posts = "Toppermost of the Poppermost."

Everybody, why not give me your ideas!
I can even add more ranks if we get lots of cool suggestions. :)

This is how it works, and here's all I've got so far:

Please go here to give me your suggestions!

For you who prefer to remain forum non-members, just reply in the reply box, call yourself by your LJ name if you wish, and (I think) there's one of those webrobot-avoidance-thingies you've gotta type in for the comment to "take."

Tags: fifth beatle movie

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