christine~ (eppylover) wrote,

Sunday Sermon ~ "prayer"

This morning I received an email from a friend saying, in part:
"I just had to pray..." ~ and ~ "...finally my prayers have been answered."

Damn. I didn't need that crap hitting me in the face first thing in the morning.
Especially on a Sunday morning, when the Godliness of Og is glowing about the house like toxic nuclear waste.

Anyone who knows what reality is, also has to know that the entire concept of prayer is insane and stupid.
Talking inside your mind to some invisible almighty entity ~
~ merely a cockeyed, paranoid idea of imaginary mental telepathy that some primitive people dreamed up in their copious spare time to make them feel all better.

There are still plenty of so-called "evolved" humans who buy into that weirdness.

I am not in the mood to tolerate the creepiness of people today.
At least, not yet. Gimme a few more cups of coffee and a nice, hot shower.

The truth is out there ~ but people would rather believe fairy tales than scientifically-proven facts

Tags: sunday sermon

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