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Shabbat Shmooze ~ Užgavėnės in Vilnius

  • "Although typical costumes include farm animals and monsters, masquerading is sometimes broadly referred to as 'eiti zydukais,' or 'going as Jews,' regardless of how one dresses"

  • "...he was greeted by two children dressed in horns and tails, reciting a song that translates as, 'We’re the little Lithuanian Jews/We want blintzes and coffee/If you don’t have blintzes/Give us some of your money.' (It rhymes in Lithuanian.)"

  • "People think it’s normal"
The Eppy Connection: Brian Epstein's grandparents fled from Lithuania around the turn of the 20th century.

Eppylover is mystified: Gee, I wonder whyyyy?! ani rolleyes smiley

If it's like this NOW, can you even imagine how it must have been 100 years ago...?!

‘Jews’ Parade on the Streets of Vilna

By Michael Casper
Wed. Feb 06, 2008

Vilnius, Lithuania - Collapse )

When asked whether it could be seen as offensive to mock these minorities, Krisciuniene replied, “No one has ever complained.” The intent, she said, is humorous.

“Besides,” she added, “it’s true that Gypsies steal.”

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Tags: disrespect, shabbat shmooze

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