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Here's the Jan 25 Ringo interview on Larry King

Because nobody uploaded the interview portion to YouTube...


KING: We've got a great finish to the show tonight. Ringo Starr is going to perform with his band, "Liverpool 8," the title number from his new album. We'll talk with Ringo in this segment, along with the co-producer of the album, Dave Stewart. Give me a little history of this, Ringo; "Liverpool 8" means?

RINGO STARR, SINGER: That's where I come from in Liverpool. That's the area code. So you would write to me "Liverpool 8." Like here you would write 90210. So that's the code, the zip.

KING: What a hip thing. Dave, what's your role in this?

DAVE STEWART, PRODUCER: Well, I first approached Ringo to play drums on a track I had recorded with George Harrison in my kitchen and he agreed. When I was there, he said, hey, play a guitar on my record. And we started a friendship and a collaboration and that brought us here today.

KING: I know that Liverpool is now the cultural city of Europe, so named for this year.

STARR: For 2008, yes.

KING: What was special about it?

STARR: Liverpool is a special city for me because I was born there and brought up there and my family are there. But also, later on, musically, because it's a port and in all our neighborhoods, there was on every street 10 guys in the Merchant Navy, who would come to America and bring all the American music back to us, including great country music.

So it's a musical city. There's a lot of artists in Liverpool, sculptures. It's always been vibrant.

KING: What is it like to go back there?

STARR: It was great. It was great to perform there. But it was great to go back to see the family, you know, and be part of this huge celebration.

KING: How did being a member of the Beatles shape you as a solo artist? Now you're a group artist. Now, of course, the group -- two members are gone. You're a solo artist.

STARR: I am the drummer, so I was always in the band. I never sort of went for a solo career. (INAUDIBLE) I had solo spots, where I would have my half hour, say. And then, you know, with the Beatles, it was just great to participate in the whole deal.

KING: Paul McCartney told us that the drummer is the key to the band.

STARR: Well, he's right.

KING: It's the driving force, isn't it?

STARR: The drums are there to hold it together, to play the deep part. And so it gives them a chance to fly really. That's how I've always looked at it.

KING: What is it like playing with him, Dave?

STEWART: I think he's incredibly underestimated.

STARR: Not anymore.

STEWART: Not anymore. -- as a drummer who really respects the song and therefore he plays, you know, for the singer and the song, as opposed to just laying down a beat. A lot of records now, they just put the rhythm down first and somebody else comes in and does something. But he's a real player player that is following the song.

STARR: Part of that, Larry, is because when I came into music and my step-dad, who was really cool, introduced me to Glenn Miller and Billy Daniels, those acts he was into -- and they were always at a swing thing and the voices. You don't need a lot of drums when the singer can sing, you know.

KING: Do you think you and Paul might ever work together?

STARR: There's nothing to stop it. But we're not planning anything. This is the weirdest question, because you've always got to give some hint. I was asked this a while ago and I said 50/50. And they said oh, they're getting back together. And we're not really doing any of that. It's like he's touring. I'm touring America this summer. So --

KING: A couple there things then we'll break and hear you play the song. But what happened with Regis and Kelly?

STARR: Nothing to do with Regis, because we love Regis, peace and love. His producer felt that he was going to give us limited time to play the song and we did the best we could. And it still wasn't short enough for him. And the song has a story, so we wrote the song. We wanted to do the song.

And anyway, there was no -- there's never -- there was no compromise, so we had to leave.

KING: I want to show the audience something. See this little bracelet I'm wearing, which Ringo was kind enough to give to me? It says Ringo, Liverpool 8. This is not a bracelet. This is the album.

STARR: Can I show them how it works? KING: Yes.

STARR: Can you get it off? I can do it.

KING: You take this out --

STARR: -- and guess what? It's a USB, right into your computer.

KING: You plug this into your computer and you've got an album.

STARR: And a documentary and footage there of the electric press kit and the artwork.

KING: This could mean --

STARR: Yes, you're out of business, Larry.

KING: I mean, a wrist brand, it's come to this.


KING: We've got an email question from Haleen (ph) in Collegeville, Pennsylvania; "you look terrific and much younger than your 67 years. What do you do to stay in shape?"

STARR: Well, I work out. I have a trainer. and I watch what I eat. That's it really. And I'm in love with a beautiful girl, so it keeps me young.

KING: That ain't bad. Dave, thank you. Ringo, thank you. We're going to take a break. Still to come, Ringo and Dave Stewart perform the title song "Liverpool 8," in its entirety, no cuts. You don't want to miss it. Don't go away.


KING: Welcome back. As promised, here's Ringo Starr with Dave Stewart performing the title song from the new album "Liverpool 8."


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Next week, Snoop Dogg will be here.

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