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Sunday Sermon ~ A Famous Clergyman Who Liked Brian

Perhaps I'm more illiterate than I make out to be, but...
Statue of Thomas Merton located on Bellarmine University campus outside Norton Health Science Center building.

Ever hear of Thomas Merton?

After reading the linked article, and then going on to his bio (click pic further below), I realize that I wouldn't have minded being of his acquaintance.

Although ~ I probably would have eventually (if not sooner) gotten flusterated about how the hell such an obviously aware person could justify in his own mind being in cahoots with the widespread horror of primitive superduper mental telepathy ghostygod thingies (otherwise known as "prayer" and "religion").

*sigh* It's just so very difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that common sense and the ability to discern reality has nothing to do with intelligence.
Okay, necessary eppylover rant done for now. ;P

From Thomas Merton; four letters to a high school student in 1967 and '68

Aug. 27,1967

The certified letter came today and by the time you get this you will have got back the little pink card showing the letter was not eaten by weasels.

I am terribly sorry to hear about Brian Epstein. I'll say Mass for him Sept. 5. Did I ever tell you that once on a radio program he was asked to name his favorite book and named The Seven Storey Mtn., only with its English title, Elected Silence?
[Eppylover Note: Merton's referring to his own book]

I always felt closer to him after that -- glad, of course, that he brought out the Beatles. Glad they are working on their meditation.

COPYRIGHT 1993 National Catholic Reporter

[Eppylover Note #2: Brian had nothing against meditation, but he was quite worried about their dalliance with the Maharishi ~ because he believed Maha was taking gross advantage of his Boys ~ and he was proven right, y'know. :/ ]

I'm also tickled with the following Beatle-related quotes from the article:


Thomas Merton, author of 'The Seven Storey Mountain' which Brian named as his favorite book (UK title 'Elected Silence')
"...and what do you think I am: six hundred years old or something, that I don't know Paul McCartney is a Beatle? I have their record of "Revolver" -- only one I have. I like them fine."

"Go on then educate me in pop music. I don't know much about pop music. I am a confirmed jazzman, but I need to know more about pop also. Like some of those outfits you have out there that I hear such a lot about -- Grateful Dead and all those -- tell me about them and send me your number on the Monterey thing. I am glad you got a pass you sound very enterprising."

"On the Beatles record I like "Taxman" and all the rest too."

"Thanks for the good lyrics from "Sergt. Pepper." I have a secret agent who is going to sneak me the record one of these days then I will hear it all and concentrate on everything."

"And can you believe it, John Lennon I have never read but I will promote Lennonism if I have to overturn the Vatican to do it. No, I really like the Beatles and their ideas and their ways of doing and saying things. I think they are absolutely all right and make sense and that people who can't figure them out might as well run into the sea and vanish like Lemmings."

"Merton excerpts - Thomas Merton; four letters to a high school student in 1967 and '68 - Cover Story". National Catholic Reporter. Dec 10, 1993. 13 Jan. 2008.
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